STF Volunteer Opportunities

Student Theatre and Film is looking for an awesome team of volunteers to assist with our semester two shows: Short Works 2021 and Activate 2021.

Financial Capability

Our Financial Counsellor Robyn has complied these resources on budgeting, savings strategies, goal setting, and managing debt and other difficulties.

Secret Places Submissions

Secret Places is a walking tour, audio art experience, brought to you by LTSA and Student Theatre and Film. We're looking for students, alumni, staff, and community members to come on board!

Advocacy –here to help…with results

On July 14th 2021, the University will release Semester 1 results. For some students, results can raise questions. The Advocacy Service is here to help. Advocate Lou has put together some helpful FAQs for students to help answer your questions. If you need further assistance, please get in contact!

Centrelink Factsheet

Our Financial Counsellor Robyn has complied some useful information to help guide you through the Centrelink system.

Useful Links for Financial Wellbeing

Our Financial Counsellor Robyn has put together a list of useful links to help you get organised with your finances. Remember, we are always happy to help you with any concerns or queries you have. Just get in touch.

Unlocking SWOTVAC Success

One of our Advocates, Siobhan, has put together some useful tips and tricks to help you through the SWOTVAC period.

Academic Integrity Factsheet

This factsheet guides you through the process of dealing with a plagiarism allegation.

Centreline Covid Disaster Payment explained

Centrelink COVID-19 Disaster Payment for people affected by restrictions – explained.

Legal Factsheet

Anna Morrow, our Lawyer, has put together a factsheet for students answering some of the most commonly asked questions.